Chocolat Moderne

Chocolat Moderne has long been a favorite of mine ever since I first went to Fog City News in San Francisco years ago, which is why I was so delighted to be invited to tour their boutique to see how they create their amazing gems. Joan and her summer intern Gabrielle were so warm and open. They’re excitement for a creative take on chocolate is contagious. I took a million pictures because I couldn’t help myself!

I’m obsessed with these bars. They’re gorgeous and utterly delicious. The one above is Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar. It’s impossible to resist.

Yes, Tangy Tomate Dark Chocolate Bar! Try it!

Caramel goodness.

Yet another reason to one day move to NYC.

Joan, the master designer behind it all. She was too awesome and generous. Love!

Chocolate hardware.

Shimmery speckles.


Summer heaven. Joan and team were in the process of creating a new frozen treat and R and I greatly benefitted from the creative process. Best frozen richness!

Each is a perfect bite.

Cherry blossoms are my DC and springtime.

The vision.

Raw ingredients.

The finishing touches on my faves.

I definitely recommend a Chocolat Moderne collection for autumn and the holidays.

Thanks again, Joan and Gabrielle!



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5 responses to “Chocolat Moderne

  1. tina

    wow! that’s the most beautiful chocolate I’ve ever seen!

  2. I tasted a Chocolat Moderne bar at Chocolopolis in Seattle last year. It was spicy, I can’t remeber if it was flavored with habanero or jalapeno, but it was tremendously well balanced and one of the best very spicy bars I have had.

    Someday I hope to visit them in NY!

  3. Wow , that’s too cute, I love it , how can you make these adorable chocolate
    So, where can I get them
    thanks for sharing

  4. It’s something marvelous ! these photos.. especially that one with small flowers on the top. 🙂 looks great! Is it very difficult to do that?

  5. Chocolat moderne is definitely worth the travel time to NYC. OH yeahhhh, I fell in love there…. with the chocolate.

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