MarieBelle and Frangelico

I received a beautiful box of MarieBelle chocolates and a bottle of Frangelico as a pairing set. I actually opted to bake the Italian hazelnut liqueur into a dark chocolate cake in combination with Hedonist’s bitter sweet cocoa. The duo was fantastic. Unfortunately, while the MarieBelle sampling was attractive, it didn’t ship well. The pieces tasted a little dry and a couple of the chocolate tops had lifted from their bases. I’d be curious about how they fare fresh from a shop rather than going through the mail.



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5 responses to “MarieBelle and Frangelico

  1. that clock shot is awesome! i wish i could eat the cake!

  2. That chocolate cake is making me drool! Cool pics, Nance!

  3. First visit to your blog.
    I love Dark Chocolate spatially, and I love your blog, the text and the pictures are Great, please keep on.
    Those photos made me eat all the chocolate i had.

  4. first photo looks delicious, but I don’t understand, what is in it? it’s chocolate or what? 🙂

  5. The chocolate in the second photo looks like an art project. I would feel so guilty eating it, and not because of the calories or anything.

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