Dark Chocolate Daily documents chocolate discovery, opinion, and news. Feel free to email me at nancy.wilberg@gmail.com.


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  1. Dear Nancy–

    Thank you so much for linking to Chocolatespeak. Your blog is elegant and I wish that I could get the quality of pictures you have. You must know what you’re doing. Where are you located?

    I’ll be in Seattle this summer focusing on the West Coast.

    Clay Gordon is great-he will respond directly to your email.


  2. Nancy,

    Love your site!

    Dark chocolate is my all time favorite. I am in the process of uploading about 5000 wrappers to my website over the next few years, check it out if you have time (lots of dark chocolate). Also if you ever have any wrappers laying around I’d love to have them.



  3. Bryan

    Hi Nancy,

    Great site!

    A funny coincidence. I just opened my first package Madecasse 75% cocoa madagascar chocolate and as I was holding up a wedge I decided to see if there were any dark chocolate blogs out there, happened upon your site and low-and-behold, the picture with the wood in the background at the top of your page shows wedges of the same chocolate! It was meant to be…

    All the best,

  4. Hi Nancy,

    I have just started my chocolate exploration and a blog of my own. Your presentation is beautiful and the posts are highly informative. Do you have any recommendations on where to start? I am based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Part of what I am doing is visiting local chocolate makers and chocolatiers, the other half is tasting the many bars that are out there. It’s been an adventure thus far!


  5. Sandra Andrews-Strasko

    Dear Nancy,

    Me, at chocolatespeak again. Where did you go? What are you up to nowadays?

    • ricksphotography

      Hi, chocolatespeak! Great to hear from you. Indeed, I’ve been slow to write. I have several reviews and dark chocolate pics in the wings, but have been insanely busy. I am happy to say that I will be posting a holiday series soon, though. How are you? Best, Nancy

  6. Hi Nancy, I’ve just discovered your blog and think it’s absolutely amazing! Just love the photos. You are at the heart of what chocolate means to me. I wish I had your talent / expertise in photography – it’s just what I need for my own blog,The Chocolate Dictionary: (thechocolatedictioanry.wordpress.com)
    Please keep posting so I can keep coming back for more. Best wishes, Bruno

  7. HI Nancy-
    I have been cruising many chocolate blogs and think you have one that is truly fabulous. I LOVE your pictures. The set up and creativity is great, and very simple. Love it!

  8. purpleandplum

    Hi there! I wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award! You can find the link to the nomination at:

  9. Hi Nancy, Wonderful blog. Especially love the pictures. Where have you disappeared to? Need some inspiration? Let us know and we’ll send you a box to blog about!

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