Easter Revival

I’ve returned from a long hibernation to a delightful awakening. ZChocolat has sent me their white, milk, and dark Easter collection fashioned in traditional French casts. There is certainly something for everyone. The dark is my favorite; it is deep and walnuty. The solid and the filled are both so delicate. The milk and white are perfect for a lighter sweet.

This was such a beautiful homecoming into the dark chocolate sphere, especially now that I can share it with the little one in our house. Turning two this year, Baby EX particularly appreciates the playful chick, egg, and bunny shapes. He also adores the fish and shell collection, identifying them as “fishies” and “clams.” While these light-hearted designs are perfect for egg-hunters this season, they are also an elegant gift for the refined dinner party host. Z Easter choc 2016 1Z Easter choc 2016 2Z Easter choc 2016 3Z Easter choc 2016 4


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zChocolat and Pascal Caffet

I received this Pascal Caffet and zChocolat selection from a shop in France. What an elegant presentation! The chocolates came in a personalized treasure box engraved with “Dark Chocolate Daily,” and as you can see each piece has its own personality with praline, mango puree, sesame seed, and more. Each flavor is unique, and I adored every single one. In fact, I managed to share a few during an evening soirée and the bites quickly vanished with rave reviews. The taste and design get top marks.

zChocolate 3 23 13 2622

zChocolate 3 23 13 2599

IMG_5266 - Version 2

zChocolate 3 23 13 2636

zChocolate 3 23 13 2612

zChocolate 3 23 13 2648zChocolate 3 23 13 2607


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Hedonist Salted Caramels and Cinnamon Chipotle Drinking Chocolate

Hedonist = holiday coziness to me. These goodies always shine in the flavor department and make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Who can pass up the ever evolving realms of sparkly salted chocolate caramels–milk and dark for all appetites. The sipping chocolate is rich, of course! I also recommend baking it into holiday treats. A world of difference from the standard cocoa on grocery shelves. Wishing all warmth and joy!!!

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 11

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 6

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 3

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 4

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 10

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 7

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 8

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 12




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Chocolat Moderne

Chocolat Moderne has long been a favorite of mine ever since I first went to Fog City News in San Francisco years ago, which is why I was so delighted to be invited to tour their boutique to see how they create their amazing gems. Joan and her summer intern Gabrielle were so warm and open. They’re excitement for a creative take on chocolate is contagious. I took a million pictures because I couldn’t help myself!

I’m obsessed with these bars. They’re gorgeous and utterly delicious. The one above is Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar. It’s impossible to resist.

Yes, Tangy Tomate Dark Chocolate Bar! Try it!

Caramel goodness.

Yet another reason to one day move to NYC.

Joan, the master designer behind it all. She was too awesome and generous. Love!

Chocolate hardware.

Shimmery speckles.


Summer heaven. Joan and team were in the process of creating a new frozen treat and R and I greatly benefitted from the creative process. Best frozen richness!

Each is a perfect bite.

Cherry blossoms are my DC and springtime.

The vision.

Raw ingredients.

The finishing touches on my faves.

I definitely recommend a Chocolat Moderne collection for autumn and the holidays.

Thanks again, Joan and Gabrielle!


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MarieBelle and Frangelico

I received a beautiful box of MarieBelle chocolates and a bottle of Frangelico as a pairing set. I actually opted to bake the Italian hazelnut liqueur into a dark chocolate cake in combination with Hedonist’s bitter sweet cocoa. The duo was fantastic. Unfortunately, while the MarieBelle sampling was attractive, it didn’t ship well. The pieces tasted a little dry and a couple of the chocolate tops had lifted from their bases. I’d be curious about how they fare fresh from a shop rather than going through the mail.


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Day of Hearts!

Hedonist‘s raspberry dark truffles for Valentine’s Day are luxuriant. I mentioned before, dark chocolate and raspberries is a favorite combination of mine and I’ll certainly revisit these. The art is a lovely and playful approach to hugs and kisses. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


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Hedonist for the Holidays

NY-based Hedonist Artisan Chocolates sent me some truly delicious selections. Seriously, these aren’t just beautiful; their flavors are fantastic. Each of these would make a perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Wishing all a fabulous Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year!

Better than Williams and Sonoma’s bark!

The seasonal filled chocolates are as tasty as they sound: egg nog, fig, ginger molasses, champagne pomegranate, and orange clove.

I always favor fleur de sel caramels and these were no exception.

If you want something to cozy up to, the Bittersweet Drinking Chocolate comes with bits of chocolate that make for a rich hot beverage.


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Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

My thoughtful friend brought me beautiful chocolate all the way from Hungary. While I enjoyed it several months ago, I’m finally posting again! These selections were truly delicious and the art and design, well, as you can see, they are fabulous.


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Guylian Belgian Chocolate

Guylian’s signature shells are beautiful and delicious. Their bars were lovely but the shells offer the best flavor and creamy texture. I highly recommend the dark chocolate ones. On top of creating an international favorite, the chocolatier contributes to Project Seahorse! Thanks, Guylian, for the selection!

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Gail Ambrosius

Gail Ambrosius is featuring these new delightful creations in her shop. She never fails to take an inventive approach to the freshest, purest herbs, nuts, and so on. The orange almond might be my favorite because I worship marzipan. I recommend sampling the pistachio bomb last because it has a mighty bite and the heat remains when sampling the other milder flavors. Also, these beautiful chocolates very much mirror Frank Lloyd Wright’s aesthetic.

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