Hedonist Salted Caramels and Cinnamon Chipotle Drinking Chocolate

Hedonist = holiday coziness to me. These goodies always shine in the flavor department and make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Who can pass up the ever evolving realms of sparkly salted chocolate caramels–milk and dark for all appetites. The sipping chocolate is rich, of course! I also recommend baking it into holiday treats. A world of difference from the standard cocoa on grocery shelves. Wishing all warmth and joy!!!

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 11

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 6

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 3

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 4

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 10

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 7

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 8

Hedonist Holidays Dec 2012 12





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9 responses to “Hedonist Salted Caramels and Cinnamon Chipotle Drinking Chocolate

  1. What a holiday treat to hear from you here. Merry Christmas friend!

  2. Very tasty indeed, and absolutely beautiful pictures!

  3. They Look totally delicious, I want one right now!!

  4. Gluten Free

    Cocoa and dark chocolate are also a good source for the fiber needs of our diet. And, believe it or not chocolate hardly contains cholesterol, and if it does it is because of the milk ingredients that are added.

  5. Second photo… mm :)) I think i could eat all bar of chocolate right know

  6. That sounds so good. I used to not like spiciness in my hot cocoa but that chipotle in there does sound delicious.

  7. Great post. I really like your pictures. I am sure the chocolates are delicious, but you make them look amazing.

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