Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

My thoughtful friend brought me beautiful chocolate all the way from Hungary. While I enjoyed it several months ago, I’m finally posting again! These selections were truly delicious and the art and design, well, as you can see, they are fabulous.



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Guylian Belgian Chocolate

Guylian’s signature shells are beautiful and delicious. Their bars were lovely but the shells offer the best flavor and creamy texture. I highly recommend the dark chocolate ones. On top of creating an international favorite, the chocolatier contributes to Project Seahorse! Thanks, Guylian, for the selection!

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Gail Ambrosius

Gail Ambrosius is featuring these new delightful creations in her shop. She never fails to take an inventive approach to the freshest, purest herbs, nuts, and so on. The orange almond might be my favorite because I worship marzipan. I recommend sampling the pistachio bomb last because it has a mighty bite and the heat remains when sampling the other milder flavors. Also, these beautiful chocolates very much mirror Frank Lloyd Wright’s aesthetic.

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Vosges Visit in Chicago

R and I traveled to Chicago for a long weekend with my siblings. We had a blast and Vosges was a shop we indulged in among our many foodie adventures. It was an absolute delight seeing Vosges in its home base. Each piece was delicious as usual, but the Black Salt Caramel Bar was my favorite. No surprise here since that’s a standard among my top three preferred combos.


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Pure Icelandic Chocolate Noi Sirius 70% and Salazan Chocolate

These two bars are really quite fabulous. Icelandic Chocolate not only sounds refreshing—it also has a rich flavor with berry notes. It pairs nicely with dried mango. The Salazan presents a delightful combination of sweet and salty. Its salt crunch perfectly complements this high-quality bar. These may become new standards in my dark chocolate reserve along with the Michel Cluizel.


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American Heritage Chocolate

American Heritage Chocolate has a rich, complex taste. It’s choice for melting and sipping or adding to recipes. I received this beautiful wooden crate around the same time we took a trip to Williamsburg, VA. These very chocolate selections were on display there and I thought they couldn’t be more perfectly placed in the charming landscape of colonial times.


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John & Kira’s Chocolate

I was  pleased to receive a sampler from John & Kira’s, Philadelphia-based chocolatiers. My judgment: their offerings are inspired. Their presentation is enchanting and warm and the flavors are pure. I haven’t tasted flavored dark chocolate quite like this before. The mint bar is leafy and fresh. The pumpkin truffle tastes like a delicious pie at Thanksgiving; the cherry is unadulterated fruit. Real ingredients. These creations are a perfect discovery for the discriminating palate.


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