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zChocolat and Pascal Caffet

I received this Pascal Caffet and zChocolat selection from a shop in France. What an elegant presentation! The chocolates came in a personalized treasure box engraved with “Dark Chocolate Daily,” and as you can see each piece has its own personality with praline, mango puree, sesame seed, and more. Each flavor is unique, and I adored every single one. In fact, I managed to share a few during an evening soirée and the bites quickly vanished with rave reviews. The taste and design get top marks.

zChocolate 3 23 13 2622

zChocolate 3 23 13 2599

IMG_5266 - Version 2

zChocolate 3 23 13 2636

zChocolate 3 23 13 2612

zChocolate 3 23 13 2648zChocolate 3 23 13 2607



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After returning to DC, I looked forward to getting back in the swing of chocolate tasting.  My sister joined me to sample the chocolate artist, Fleurir. These beautiful delicacies are stellar, but one unique element stood out to me which was the wonderfully pure, fresh flavor of each piece. The minted chocolate tasted of a real mint leaf. Orange had the same flare with orange zest. One of the best goodies was the truffle lined with a top layer of marzipan.

These are my top four favs.

Delicate ribbon of marzipan.


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