Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

My thoughtful friend brought me beautiful chocolate all the way from Hungary. While I enjoyed it several months ago, I’m finally posting again! These selections were truly delicious and the art and design, well, as you can see, they are fabulous.



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7 responses to “Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

  1. Sandra Andrews-Strasko

    Thanks for bringing something totally new to my attention. Hungarian chocolate! Of course. And with paprika. That could work…

  2. those are beautiful! and did i give you that turquoise jar? i feel like i did, and i love it!

  3. Nancy Wilberg Ricks

    Yes, you did give me that sweet jar! Love all around. Miss you!

  4. Yay for pretty chocolate!

  5. marziatag

    Hey i love your blog completly devoted to chocolate! I have a blog named dark chocolate too, but I cook everything. It’s in italian but if you want to pay me a visit I wil be glad!
    nice to meet you

  6. oh my, so gorgeous. i practically want to wear it.
    i am always so thrilled when you post. just love “hearing” your voice!

  7. Oh!

    It looks so old fashioned…

    Very nice indeed!!

    Happy New Year!

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