Vosges Visit in Chicago

R and I traveled to Chicago for a long weekend with my siblings. We had a blast and Vosges was a shop we indulged in among our many foodie adventures. It was an absolute delight seeing Vosges in its home base. Each piece was delicious as usual, but the Black Salt Caramel Bar was my favorite. No surprise here since that’s a standard among my top three preferred combos.



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4 responses to “Vosges Visit in Chicago

  1. i’m salivating… it looks utterly delicious – did you buy some in bulk because i kind of want to steal some!

  2. Dark Chocolate Daily

    Hi, MamaQ! I should have gotten them in bulk! You are right. Let’s have a springtime tasting soon.

  3. we went to chicago last weekend and visited the vosges shop again (and the yolk, and the fox & obel shop we visited on our family trip!) we had the amaretto/marzipan one and it was sooooo tasty! i thought of you!

  4. Nancy Wilberg Ricks

    So fun, Tina! I waxed nostalgic over that Chicago trip even while I was still there with you et al. Great fun and memories. Glad you made the culinary tour this go with your kiddos too. Post pics if you have any! xo

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