John & Kira’s Chocolate

I was  pleased to receive a sampler from John & Kira’s, Philadelphia-based chocolatiers. My judgment: their offerings are inspired. Their presentation is enchanting and warm and the flavors are pure. I haven’t tasted flavored dark chocolate quite like this before. The mint bar is leafy and fresh. The pumpkin truffle tastes like a delicious pie at Thanksgiving; the cherry is unadulterated fruit. Real ingredients. These creations are a perfect discovery for the discriminating palate.



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3 responses to “John & Kira’s Chocolate

  1. laura

    These look amazing. Hello, leafy mint bar? Please come over.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. THey are SO cute. How adorable.

  3. I really like the style of this chocolate. Thanks for posting this designs. that sounds gorgeous. I will have to make it. I love all the design it is so artistic. This is making me hungry! …. Lovely site here and like the recipes too.

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