Gail Ambrosius

I’m sure with a name like Gail Ambrosius, one is destined for a talent in divine sweets. I was pleased to get acquainted with this chocolatier’s art. These bars are pretty fantastic. The Three Hot Nuts bar is my favorite with a magical trio of chile, pistachios, and the smooth dark chocolate.

When it comes to the carmels, the  fleur de sel was a home run. It’s very difficult to decide on the truffles. My top three are the raspberry, cointreau (topped with amazing crystals of candied orange!), and Lucille’s vanilla. Dreamy. On top of it all, the presentation is perfection.



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4 responses to “Gail Ambrosius

  1. Darcie

    I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the chocolates from Gail Ambrosius on many occasions. She always has some seasonal offerings that I wish for even in the off season (pumpkin in the fall…mmmmm!). But my absolute favorite is the caramel, which is dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with fleur de sel. Simply the best.

  2. absolutely yummy chocolate…………… 😀

  3. I so love Chocolates especially when I found out that it has resveratrol.

    thank you for posting this. Staring at the pictures are so relaxing… moi is craving for more chocolates now. haha.

  4. Sweet and yummy treat! That’s all I need to say. The picture says it all!

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