After returning to DC, I looked forward to getting back in the swing of chocolate tasting.  My sister joined me to sample the chocolate artist, Fleurir. These beautiful delicacies are stellar, but one unique element stood out to me which was the wonderfully pure, fresh flavor of each piece. The minted chocolate tasted of a real mint leaf. Orange had the same flare with orange zest. One of the best goodies was the truffle lined with a top layer of marzipan.

These are my top four favs.

Delicate ribbon of marzipan.



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2 responses to “Fleurir

  1. Wow! Those are the prettiest chocolates I have ever seen in my life. They wouldn’t have to even taste good for me to want to have one!

  2. britt

    Nancy! Oh my goodness I can’t believe THIS is you. Congratulations on such a fantastic site! I wish I could post a photo with my comment, I dedicate it to you and your site;-) I can’t believe you have people mailing you chocolate! You’re a goddess or something. I found your blog by googling “chocolate class dc”. Something told me to read the ‘About’ link. It’s a long story how I got to searching those words (of course! but I doo try to shorten the brittany versions), so I’ll save it (& the pic) for later. Hope your holidays were merry. Happy Belated!

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