Chocolate in Cairo, Egypt

I knew when we went abroad to the Middle East it would likely be more difficult to find single-bean dark chocolate bars. I thought I’d still take a chocolate adventure or two while here, though. I was elated to find a beautiful chocolatier in Cairo. When we entered the shop, it was actually warmer than outside, which is rare for chocolate shops. They often keep a very specific temperature to avoid damaging their chocolate. The displays were beautiful but there were several flies buzzing around. Also, when Robert asked in Arabic whether they make they’re own chocolate or not, they said that they order the chocolates from Belguim and then wrap them in their own packaging. Not a surprise. The chocolate was tasty all the same. This gold square had a metal edge, which was a nice touch. It had a sesame honey filling, which was tasty with good texture. The other two pieces were raspberry chocolate and strawberry chocolate–a little sweet.

CairoChocolate 4

CairoChocolate 3

CairoChocolate 2

CairoChocolate 1



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5 responses to “Chocolate in Cairo, Egypt

  1. those chocolates are beautiful!

  2. Kathy

    fancy! I do like the foil….but sometime the fluffy, decorative stuff is better than what’s actually inside. But still very pretty!

  3. laura

    Amazing photos, of course! The metal corner is cool. How does their chocolate not blossom in that heat?

  4. Great pictures, thank you for sharing. I love the idea of pairing traditional Middle Eastern flavors like sesame and honey with chocolate to create sophisticated treats. It just goes to show that although chocolate is universal, it enhances local flavors.

  5. Marwa

    I live in Cairo but I don’t know any good chocolate stoes. Where is that shop you speak of? Thanks
    I would love to give those a try.

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