Focused Tasting: Intermediate Fine Chocolate

My friend Laura and I had the opportunity to attend an intermediate fine chocolate class at Tony Caputo’s in SLC. We missed the intro class but were allowed to “test” into the intermediate one after a small briefing. I truly enjoyed myself, which makes it that much more disappointing that I won’t be able to attend the advanced class as I’ll be out of town! If one attends the final class, s/he receives a Chuao T-shirt. Quel dommage!




On my wish list


Laura chatting with other chocophiles


Inspiration II


We brake for d. chocolate. Thanks so much, Laura, for joining me. I had a blast!!


Matt Caputo (Tony’s son) conducted the class and tasting in front of their huge selection of incredible cheeses–right next to their impressive cheese cave. Laura and I kept hoping that he’d recommend we chase down our d. chocolate with a cheese pairing. No luck.


After-hours tour of Caputo’s. The blur comes from mushroomy condensation on the plastic wrap. Yum!


More nonchocolate



These last two images come from a cheese and d. chocolate pairing of our own when Robert and I visited Laura and Steve’s new house. Thanks for a most wonderful weekend!




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5 responses to “Focused Tasting: Intermediate Fine Chocolate

  1. Kathy

    Looks delicious! Very fun. I’d like some of that cheese, too, please.

  2. stephanie H.

    You’re making me hungry. Looks like a fun night!

  3. Ginger

    Yum. I’m in love with Venchi chocolate…especially the 80%

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  5. I’m curious how they had you rate the chocolate in the tasting. I’ve found when tasting new chocolate flavors that having a guide is useful. My company actually created a chocolate tasting wheel, that helps categorize the different aromas and flavors in chocolate. If you’re interested in taking a look and downloading a copy, click here: I hope you find it helpful.

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