I love getting chocolate in the mail. I received these two bars with a note from the makers of Patric micro-batch chocolate. The 67% really is in my all-time top three–Amano Madagascar, Cluizel Maralumi, and Patric Sambirano 67%. I include these three in every one of the chocolate tastings I host and they are consistently among the top of my guests’ picks. Such was the case for the tasting Robert and I held with my family over Thanksgiving, which proved to be the beginning of a wonderful new holiday tradition.







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2 responses to “Patric

  1. It was so fun to see you guys at Katharine’s. Here’s to hoping our paths cross again soon.

  2. Patric is definitely one of the great chocolatier of this century. You can’t go wrong with small batches.
    The Mast brothers too make great small batch bean-to-bar chocolates. They are located in Brooklyn.
    Another excellent bean-to-bar brand is Askinosie.
    Amedei too makes great stuff, so much that they were awarded many times.
    Cluizel is the only brand I wish I could carry in my online store but they are not ready (dropship). Their quality is amazingly consistent.

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