Christopher Elbow

Meet one of my new favorites–Christopher Elbow’s Dark Rocks. I really can’t get over it. This bar has a smooth, rounded melt with notes of hazelnut and mocha. It also has popping rocks in it. They are perfect and bring to the bar the fantastic crunch of Rice Krispies on crack. For some reason, unpredictable ingredients plus chocolate always makes for a fantastic novelty. This one is no exception. Some haute gourmets are not interested, but how could one pass this up? This bar says nothing but: “Childhood, meet the adult me.” In fact, when I asked one of the Biagio folks about it, she said that a father and his daughter frequent their shop and usually head straight for this very bar. Similar to feelings summoned by the childhood flashback in Ratatouille, I imagined the gentle moment of a pigtailed girl, father’s hand in hers, laughing and picking out this special chocolate. I think that little image and the fact that the chocolate itself is fantastic, not just the popping, sold me for sure.



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4 responses to “Christopher Elbow

  1. um… does the label saying “popping candy?” that is my kind of fancy schmancy chocolate!

  2. ricksphotography

    Totally your kind of fancy schmancy! 🙂

  3. I’ve seen this before and just couldn’t bring myself to buy it…perhaps I’ll give it a shot though…

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