Noir Kacinkoa

Well, I have to say that this bar was really overwhelming. The minimalist packaging is outstanding, yes, but the melt is like a heavy mud. The notes are strong leather and oak and it’s very chalky. There was a slight fruity tang at the the very end of the melt, though. I noticed that Robert has taken a square here and there, which is good because I don’t think the bar would otherwise be finished off. I’ll have to keep this one off my future shopping list.



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2 responses to “Noir Kacinkoa

  1. Snowbunny

    Speaking of bad cocoa – I bought a Hachez Cocoa D’Arriba the other day and it is awful. It is waxy and bitter and just plain unplesant. I should have stayed away from the ‘hint of orange’. Bad idea.
    Oh Dark Chocolate Daily, bring back the tasty Cocoa.


  2. ricksphotography

    That’s a shame, Snowbunny. Thanks for the details. Always appreciated! I’ll be sure to stay clear. Yes, let’s bring back some of our favorites; Amano will help us! I have another review coming up having to do with Christopher Elbow’s chocolate, which is tasty and innovative.

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