Felchlin–The Brown Pearl

This bar is $12 and worth it. Its presentation is incredible and I highly recommend it for gifting. The slender envelope is embossed with a sweet tree design and encases two lengthy flat bars of delicate dark chocolate.

The embossed tree design is duplicated on the bar itself, which has creamy notes and would be perfect for someone who seeks a slight d. chocolate tang rather than an outright bitterness or leather.

Among the details I’ve read about Felchlin, the following description is one of my favorites: “Only noble grade beans are used in their Grand Cru Selection.” This bar seems to stand noticeably ahead of many others as a bio-organic single-bean, but I gather that it is most often used as a couverture rather than enjoyed in its pure bar form.



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2 responses to “Felchlin–The Brown Pearl

  1. Melanie

    Beautiful presentation indeed! I’m sorry I haven’t sent your package. Hope you’re having a lovely summer.

  2. ricksphotography

    Hi, Mel! No problem. I’m just glad you stopped by D. Chocolate Daily. My summer is fabulous but going by too fast. Can’t wait to see you some time soon!

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