Guest Blogger #3 — Divine

My wonderful friend, Melanie, was kind enough to write a review of the Divine Dark Chocolate 70%. This woman is a rock star on many levels. She is a mother of one, lives in a small mountain town (as she lovingly calls it), and is a graduate student of soils. We go way back to our undergrad days. One of my favorite memories with her is our weed-collecting excursion for one of her class projects. She was ambitious with her collecting (50 weeds total?) and only needed a few more. Weeding with a purpose sounded great to me, so I joined her. We started at the top of a nice big hill with a broad span of weeds. Within minutes I realized I was deeply uninformed about weeds and would not be much help in the search. No thanks to me, she completed her collection. Besides being an expert in molds, weeds, and soils, she has a cultivated taste for dark chocolate…and black licorice, but that’s a different entry entirely. The following is her opinion of Divine’s Dark 70%.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first bit into the Divine 70% bar that it didn’t crumble at all, but melted on my tongue releasing a smooth flavor. Simple and delicious. While I can only eat bits of some dark chocolates at one time, I could eat an entire bar of Divine 70%. It would be a good chocolate for those who teeter on a preference of medium and dark chocolate. That Divine is the first farmer-owned fair trade chocolate makes it taste even better.

Thanks, Melanie! Hope to see you soon!


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