Byrne & Carlson Part Deux

The folks at Byrne & Carlson were extremely helpful when I ordered these treasures over the phone. Also, who doesn’t enjoy receiving chocolate on ice by mail at the office? The bars and these beautiful Chipitos shot in my favorite bowl above arrived in perfect condition.

The Mendiant bar was wonderful. When I ordered this, I thought back to the violet candies I sampled in France—very floral. I thought I would experience more of the floral hints from the sugared pansies, but they were more like delicate sugary flakes that melted in my mouth. All the other bits were a great combo with this bar too—cranberries, almonds, and walnuts. These bars, however, were definitely more similar to confectioner’s chocolate than they were to other origin bars. They don’t have the same complexities.

The bars are so artfully designed. I was just as curious about the front as I was the back when I ordered these. Voilà!

This was my favorite as far as the confectioner’s chocolate goes. The combination of dark and white chocolate—and wonderful chocolate at that—was the best out of the three sea creature flavors. Aside from being incredibly smooth, it’s gorgeous! A wonderful gift bar.

The French 68 was the closest to other origin bars among the three. I’m not sure if it was the sea salt that highlighted the fruity notes, but they were certainly there. The sparkling salt pieces were a perfect accent.

When I asked the Byrne & Carlson people about their best sellers, they named Chipitos as one of the most popular. I REALLY loved these spicy chocolate drops. The texture comes from cacao nibs and the aftertaste is more of a spicey warmth—lasting. Warming chocolate is always a good idea, right?



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2 responses to “Byrne & Carlson Part Deux

  1. sockcrazy

    I love the pictures—especially the black and white one.

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