Chocolate Is Gold

It’s been a busy week…and it continues! Short and sweet, here are the details about Cadbury’s latest. No, Cadbury is not exactly the dark chocolate we adore so, but I like this article because it discusses next steps for larger chocolate companies as they try to predict where this “booming $80 million dark chocolate market–which has been growing at more than 30% a year”–is taking us. Have a great weekend!


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  1. shannon

    nancy girl! i so cannot wait for you to get here. a whole year with nancy is going to be a blast! is robert going to be teaching at BYU? what are you going to do? where will you live? get here fast! so i love your dark chocolate blog…it’s my total vice. i haven’t been able to do 70% yet…but i’m on my way. utah has really no good dark chcolate, but maybe with you here, we can find some!

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