Patric v. Patric

I had a lucky Saturday last weekend. Until then, my efforts to go to Biagio were thwarted several times, one obstacle being that I forgot my wallet! Thank goodness I remembered this before making it to the shop and picking out all the new and old fav bars I was looking forward to sampling and reviewing. When I finally did make it there on Saturday, I was delighted to discover they had the new Patric bar.

Reaching for the new 67% bar, I realized I wasn’t totally decided on whether I should purchase the new or the old. Aside from being fantastic chocolate, the old 70% Patric bar is known for only having two ingredients: cacao beans and pure cane sugar. It had been a while since I sampled the illustrious two-ingredient bar. Did I even remember how it tasted? Would the 3% difference even matter? The old and the new are both even from the same Sambirano region of Madagascar. One of the only distinctions between the two was that the new 67% bar now listed three ingredients: cacao, pure cane sugar, and (as they put it online) “just enough cocoa butter (about 3.75%) to perfect the luscious texture.” Would there be any difference in that? I asked the Biagio experts which one was better and we decided to actually make it my assignment to compare the old 70% and the new 67%.

Robert and I sampled the two bars. Then we decided to blind sample them, and we came up with the following details and the discovery that, yes, there was a difference in that 3%:


crossing back and forth between olive and fruit
lighter toward the end

immediate fruit flavor
fruity finish
fantastic aroma

We determined that the 67% was a little more delicate, lighter throughout than the 70%. Overall, I would say the 67% is tops between the two. Thank you to the folks at Biagio! I really enjoyed comparing the Patrics, new and old.


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