Bonnat Chuao

Finally, the Chuao from Bonnat. Several months ago, I sampled the bar voted number one for the last two years–Amedei’s Chuao. As noted on Amedei’s site, this chocolate is unique because of its origin. Chuao is a remote village plantation in Venezuela. Beyond being unique, there is a Chuao mystery; while Amedei claims exclusive rights to Chuao plantation beans, Bonnat shamelessly features a bar from the very same origin. I’ve heard several theories, but I thought this blog entry summarized them well.

Whether Bonnat has a right to Chuao beans or not, they still make a beautiful bar with wonderful complexity. I would say that the Amedei bar is still tops on my list, but I wonder if part of that has to do with its fame. Bonnat’s Chuao is fantastic and I certainly prefer its package art over Amedei’s.



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6 responses to “Bonnat Chuao

  1. Sunny

    Just found this blog and we are pretty crazy about it.

  2. ricksphotography

    Thanks, Sunny!! I miss you. We must play!

  3. Theo Broma

    Thanks for the Chuao link. But what did you think of the Bonnat Chuao bar? Please post more review thoughts. And how do you think it compares to the Amedei Chuao?

  4. Theo Broma

    Oops! I didn’t read closely enough to see that you already said that you prefer the Amedei.

  5. ricksphotography

    Hi, Theo Broma! Yes, for now Amedei is my top choice for Chuao. What is your preference?

  6. Theo Broma

    Amedei Chuao is my #1 top choice of the ~190 bars that I’ve tasted. For me it sets the standard, so I rated it 10 out of 10. I didn’t like the Bonnat Chuao nearly as much, so I rated it 8 out of 10. It’s still good, but nowhere near the Amedei.

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