Byrne & Carlson

There’s not much to say. These bars are gorgeous. Man! Why don’t I live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire? If I lived in Portsmouth then I could visit the Byrne & Carlson shop all the time. Even a Portsmouth summer home would work for me … I would live happily ever after. I’ve been stalking these bars for the last little while and I have to say they still amaze me. With other chocolate makers, I normally go right for the pure dark chocolate bar. I love bits in ice cream (right, Kato?!), not in my chocolate. But all of a sudden, just in discovering these bars, I feel I have a whole separate category of potential chocolate bliss!

I’m in a holding pattern for now, though. I can’t decide which one(s) to order. They are just too beautiful; I can hardly believe they could taste better than how I’ve imagined them to. I’m entirely swept away. For example, I deeply dislike orange and chocolate together. I don’t even really like cherry and chocolate. But seeing these incredible pieces makes me slightly consider ordering the orange cherry bar!



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6 responses to “Byrne & Carlson

  1. my votes:
    seashell & mendiant!

    and bits! ha ha all i can think of is kate, you and i dancing in the aisle of some grocery store dancing around with m&ms (aka bits) for katharine’s birthday party!

  2. ricksphotography

    You read my mind on the chocolate bar votes! Those are my top choices!

    And the bits! Oh, please, pretty please, Kate, do you still have that video? Or, Robs, do you have a copy? I totally miss that!

  3. Mendiant, because it’s just beautiful. Seashell, because it looks like chocolate on chocolate – and there is nothing better than that! Blue pansy – to celebrate spring. But the others look so good, too!

  4. i LOVE orange with dark chocolate, and cherry too! maybe you should just buy that one for me?

  5. ricksphotography

    I think you’re right. You deserve it! I just placed my order on Friday; I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

  6. Kate

    I think I do have that video somewhere! I am also blown away by the bars’ beauty. Who can pass up anything ocean-esque? That’s my vote. And yes, ‘no bites without bits’ unless it’s chocolate!

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