DC on the Chocolate Map

I was delighted to follow the mapping out of chocolate shops and their offerings through a discussion thread on The Chocolate Life forum. This chocomap was posted among the comments. Course, I drilled my search down to DC and was a little shocked in discovering that my favorite local shop was the only one on the entire map of the District of Columbia! I guess if it hadn’t been for my actively searching out this shop–after hearing about single-bean on The Splendid Table radio show–I would have never been introduced to the world that is artisan chocolate. Thank goodness the Fates were good to me.



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2 responses to “DC on the Chocolate Map

  1. Theo Broma

    What is the name of the chocolate shop? I’m guessing it’s Biagio, but I thought I’d make sure, plus others probably want to know too. I’m going to D.C. in December so I’d like to know where to look.

  2. ricksphotography

    Great to hear from you, Theo Broma. Yes, it’s the beloved Biagio shop. While I really only have one shop locally to choose from for now, I’m not deprived since it really has such an incredible selection.

    Ahh, DC in December! Well, DC any time is fantastic, but hopefully we’ll have snow for you. Snow and chocolate.

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