J. Chocolatier

Last night, Robert and I enjoyed the gorgeous evening by walking to a chocolate tasting for local chocolate maker–J. Chocolatier. Jane Morris, maitre chocolatier, has a wonderful website and makes her filled chocolates out of the Rock and Roll Hotel Restaurant, which is a couple of blocks from where I live on the Hill. When I heard this several months ago, I was delighted to check the restaurant out, only to discover that it really wasn’t a traditional restaurant but a music venue (with select opening hours). So, the tasting was at Biagio.

Jane’s new spring/summer line was filled with really the freshest of ingredients–lemon, cranberries, lavender, and more. I overheard Jane discussing how she opted to grow her own fresh mint since she was not totally satisfied in her experiments with extract, etc. She was lovely and the chocolates were a perfect welcome to springtime. We, of course, ended up taking home our absolute favorite from J. Chocolier– the fleur de sel. Take me away salty and sweet!

A trend among my mom, sisters, and myself is keeping a dish of kosher coarse sea salt on our countertops or stoves. Even though I use this chunky salt all the time, whenever I encounter it in a sweet, I am immediately rushed into ocean memories. Why does the salt/chocolate combination remind me of the beach…and almost always a colder northern beach at that? I could be thinking of the cordials we always get when we’re in Sausalito…or other tasty treats from Cannon Beach. I mostly think it’s because that salty and sugary blend is beachy-like, though. Salt, sand, sugar.

Of course, on top of enjoying Jane’s bites, we also picked up some new bars and an old favorite.

I don’t do the bacon thing, so Robert sampled the Vosges Mo’s Bacon Bar. Robert wasn’t a huge fan; however, the shop guys said this was a really popular bar. Is it just novel, or simply preferred by other palates? Not sure. I’ll have other people sample it and let me know their thoughts.

I’ve been wanting to sample the Dolfin for a while. I’m glad I picked it up last night because I’m totally into it. I’d definitely get it again.

Then, of course, we picked up Amano’s Madagascar–my first chocolate love. It never fails and was as good as ever.



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2 responses to “J. Chocolatier

  1. i love bacon and i love chocolate but mix them i will not!

  2. Snowbunny

    OH MY! That looks SO fabulous. You must take me soon!
    I have a Dove dark chocolate egg today and I darn near spit it out. It was awful. You have ruined my taste buds!

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