Spider Monkey and So On

Some of my chocolate chums pleasantly surprised me with this Spider Monkey Endangered Species bar. I’ve been following this brand for some time now and was delighted to try one of their other flavors. It was a delicious treat, and aside from being a fantastic chunk of chocolate, it became our life sustenance after hours of no food and having to metro to a random Clarendon parking garage in which my car was locked overnight. I shot a wedding Saturday and hopped into the bride’s ride without thinking a salon’s garage might not be in the open-all-night biz. So, thanks, Snowbunny, on all these levels. Thanks, Solarus, for not having my car towed.

The Spider Monkey bar had one of my favorite ingredients–inside-flap literature. As much as I am into the art, I am that much more into what the makers have to say about their journey/story. We obviously have a lot to learn about endangered species, as indicated above.

After embracing a new dark chocolate path, I recently encountered a bar that I saw months ago. Though I was interested, I never purchased it–$3 for one bar of chocolate?! Now that I spend upwards of $10, my perspective has. seriously. changed.

Talk about shifting perspective. The Lindt Crème Brûlée has everything it promises–bits of a carmelized shattered shell, exquisite crème, and wonderful milk chocolate. Now that my palate’s climate has changed, though, I can’t even really eat it. It is sweet times ten. So, for all you dark chocolate novices like me out there, I recommend that you proceed with informed caution–your view of other sweets will be altered…probably forever.


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