Chocolate Personality Test

I just joined a chocolate forum, The Chocolate Life, and one of the recent posts featured this personality test. Are you a dark or a milk chocolate? I came out as a medium/dark. p.s. I just took it a second time and the questions have changed some. That’s awesome…I guess they are responding to participants’ responses to the “help us improve this quiz” section. I’m sad they deleted the NPR question, though. That one cracked me up. Happy Friday.


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One response to “Chocolate Personality Test

  1. melanie

    Hey Nancy. How fun! I haven’t taken the test yet, but will say that I am a big 70% dark fan. Also, I’m studying a chemical compound released by a plant root. It is racemic, meaning it is made of two mirror image compounds that are released together. One of those mirror images is the flavanoid found in chocolate. It provides antibacterial protection for the root. blah blah…

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