Photos and Ratings


Well, the numbers are in. Out of the eight bars we sampled, six ranked as our first, second, or third favorites. The two that didn’t make the cut at all were Malagasy’s Sambirano and Lindt Excellence’s Intense Dark. Domori’s Apurimac and Cluizel’s Villa Gracinda seemed to get the most attention. Here’s the breakdown.

Madagascar — Amano / First (3), Second (1), Third (1)

Los Ancones — Michel Cluizel / First (1), Second (3), Third (1)

Apurimac — Domori / First (3), Second (3)

Le Noir Amer — Valrhona / First (1), Second (2)

Villa Gracinda — Michel Cluizel / First (1), Second (2), Third (5)

Chuao — Amedei / First (1), Second (2), Third (1)

Chocolate sommeliers in the making…







See the rest of the photos here.



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3 responses to “Photos and Ratings

  1. i love how intent and focused everyone looks!

  2. ricksphotography

    Totally! We really had to close our eyes because we kept talking through our samplings and missing some of the notes or aspects of the melt, etc. Ultimately, we even plugged our ears (as shown in the additional photos). Need to focus!

  3. yum! i want to be invited next time!

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