Chocolate in Numbers

We held our chocolate tasting last night. It was an absolute delight! We became better acquainted with different chocolatiers and really tried to unpack which bars had notes of honey, currant, or even verbena. We also jumped right into the standards for fine chocolate: aroma, look/snap, taste, melt, length/lingering aftertaste. By the end of the evening, some of us were already specializing in snapping, smelling, or melting. I can’t wait to post the photos and tallied ratings (forthcoming). I also can’t wait to host another tasting!

Also, this comment was made on my photoblog and I thought I’d include it here. It’s insightful for those who are taking up the dark chocolate daily health challenge. Thanks, Cheryl:

Hi Nancy,
I loved your thoughts on chocolate and your experience and pictures at the tasting. What fun!! Bob and I have been into a daily dark chocolate habit for years now-ever since they came out and said it was good for you! We were into our daily Divine Fairtrade 70% until a few months ago and then 70% started to bother me on an empty stomach-pain! I few other women friends mentioned they had the same problem, it must be old age! Of course, it doesn’t bother Bob! We now eat Chocolove Organic 61% daily. I just read that dark chocolate with ginger would be fantastic for my arthritis, so I’ll add that to my daily routine. I wish I was this enthusiastic about exercise! Love, Cheryl


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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of chocolate blogging. I like your blog name. Thanks for stopping by The Chocolate Note and for the link. Look forward to seeing your blog as it evolves.

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