Charmed by Chocolate

This Sunday I am hosting a small chocolate bar tasting at my place, and last night I purchased the chocolate for the party from Biagio (my favorite chocolate shop near Adams Morgan). I brought a list of the top ten bars from, but I also asked the shop guys what their favorites were. I ended up buying some of their favs, my favs, and some tops from I also bought several small sample sizes for my guests’ favors. Oh, and the people at Biagio were fantastic, offering me complimentary samples so I knew more about the bars I was purchasing. From that mini tasting, I discovered a new favorite of mine is Michel Cluizel’s Maralumi. It’s so smooth! Below are the bars I purchased in large or sample sizes for this weekend’s get-together. Can’t wait!

Maker: Bar Name

Amano: Madagascar

Amedei: Trinidad, Madagascar, 9, and Chuao (voted all-time #1 for the last two years)

Michel Cluizel: Maralumi, Vila Gracienda, and Los Anconès

Domori: Apurimac

Malagasy: Sambirano


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  1. please help me find chocolate salvation in seattle! or at least find me the best mexican chocolate or something to to it! gracias.

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