Free Chocolate

Today, I flew by the free food area on the seventh floor of my office. Urrrr! I screeched to a halt, though. What was an entire bar of wrapped chocolate doing in the “Take Me, I’m Free” discard pile? We have a countertop—it’s actually the top surface of a filing cabinet near the kitchenette—which is dedicated to freebies. It’s the home of leftover catering, or even half-empty bags of chips, for example. I guess those are abandoned because someone falls into the I’m-on-a-new-diet or I-can’t-stand-to-eat-another-one categories. A whole chocolate bar of this caliber cast off without even a sampling, though? Rejecter of this bar must have: a) not had her/his morning pick-me-up yet, or b) seeks no adventure in life. Yeah, yeah, so you don’t like chocolate with almonds, or you don’t like dark chocolate. But wait a minute; let’s take a different approach here. This bar includes:

A seal authenticating its make and approval by Equal Exchange
Fair Trade certification
Dark chocolate
Almonds (Pick them out if you’re not into nuts.)
55% cacao content
Cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru
Production by a small-farm co-op

Those are a lot of promises made in just one chocolate bar. No takers? I snatched it up immediately and will let you know how it turns out. I’ll dive in at home when I have time to learn, sample, and think about the pros and cons/likes and dislikes of the orphaned bar. Chocolate is a complicated issue. There are worlds to discover! The rejecter could have at least peeled back the wrapper and snapped a corner off to make it look like s/he gave it the old college try.

p.s. Welcome to my new blog!


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